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Customer Stories

Stuart Johnston
Senior Technical Communicator
Content Architect, Digital Customer Experience

“The Markdown plugin is a game changer for me. By moving our content to Markdown, we can feed our support portal CMS while still generating high-quality PDFs from Flare. But most importantly, it also helps democratize content maintenance beyond the increasingly limited pool of tech writers with Flare expertise. And Mattias’ responsiveness to questions and issues is simply the best I have ever seen in the software business.”

Mark Allen
Senior Technical Communicator

“The speed and quality of support are superb, and the Markdown plugin is a great help for us in automating our site updates.”

Paul Moloney
Technical Writer, Fenergo

"Improvementsoft’s Markdown plugin is an integral part of our documentation process, enabling us to tightly bind our documentation sources with our code base, allowing anyone on project teams to contribute."

David Richards
System Guide LLC

"Just wanted to say, as a final note, once I cleaned up the markdown content we have (simple search and replace of tags), your plugin worked beautifully and saved me a lot of time.
Also, your customer service is top notch.
Cheers and thank you!"

Linda M. Bakker
Senior Technical Writer
Technical Documentation Services, The Netherlands

“Excellent plugin for importing and exporting Markdown files to and from MadCap Flare topics. Great support in case of questions.”