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Markdown Plugin for MadCap Flare


The Markdown Plugin for MadCap Flare allows efficient integration of Markdown content into Flare projects, maintaining the original structure and formatting. It's a practical solution for technical communicators handling diverse documentation formats.

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Key Features:

  • Enhanced Import and Export: Import and export Markdown files with ease, and convert them within a project for seamless integration into Flare.

  • Automatic TOC Creation: Generate a Table of Contents (TOC) directly from a folder structure. This feature allows for the quick and effortless importation of a complete documentation set into Flare, almost ready for publication.

  • Built-in Markdown Editor: A convenient, built-in Markdown editor is included for users who don’t have one or wish to preview how Markdown files will look when imported into Flare.

  • Advanced Settings for Customization: Configure the import process to meet specific needs. Import code samples as MadCap code snippets, convert local links to cross-references, and manage comments and metadata such as conditions.

  • Clean Export Format: Export Markdown using a clean, straightforward format that maintains the integrity of your content.

User Experience:

  • Importing Documentation Sets: Easily import entire documentation sets into Flare. This process is efficient, requiring just a few clicks to import a folder of Markdown files and create a corresponding TOC based on the folder structure.

  • Building Outputs: Once the Markdown files are imported and the TOC is created, users can quickly build outputs to view the finalized structure and content within Flare.

  • Versatility in Documentation Management: The plugin is ideal for managing all documentation in Markdown, integrating developer or API documentation with existing content in Flare, and leveraging Flare's powerful publishing features.

Efficiency in Documentation Workflow:

The Markdown Plugin for MadCap Flare is a valuable tool for those seeking to optimize their documentation workflow. It simplifies the process of working with Markdown in Flare, saving time and effort in managing technical documentation.

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