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Mad Quality Plugin for MadCap Flare


Elevate your technical documentation with the Mad Quality Plugin for MadCap Flare, a tool that takes your editorial efficiency to new heights. This innovative linter tool is essential for technical communicators, designed to scrutinize structural XML issues, ensure precise wording, and uphold language consistency with the power of REGEX. It's not just about maintaining standards; it's about setting new ones.

With the Mad Quality Plugin, every piece of documentation is checked for compliance with your unique style guide, creating a robust feedback loop for writers. Its advanced automated error checks ensure consistent terminology and style while adhering to stringent risk and compliance standards. This means you can deliver high-quality documentation faster, significantly contributing to a positive brand experience.

Seamlessly integrating into your workflow, the Mad Quality Plugin enhances the quality and accuracy of your content. It ensures every project stays compliant and on-brand, making it more than just a tool—it's your partner in maintaining the highest standards of technical documentation. Elevate your content, streamline your process, and consistently deliver excellence with the Mad Quality Plugin.

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Key Features:

  • Detailed Content and Structure Validation: The plugin provides thorough checks against the Microsoft Manual of Style's rules, ensuring both the content quality and structural integrity of your documents.

  • Customizable Rules: Adapt the plugin to suit specific needs. It comes with a set of default rules based on the Microsoft Manual of Style, and allows for easy customization to align with personal or organizational style guides.

  • Immediate Feedback for Corrections: Receive instant notifications of issues like nested paragraphs or improper language use, along with suggestions for quick corrections.

  • Guidance and Reference: Each suggestion is linked to the Microsoft Manual of Style for context and better understanding of the rules.

  • File Management Efficiency: Custom rules prevent spaces in file names, ensuring compatibility across various systems and platforms.

  • Bulk Scanning Capability: Scan individual topics or entire projects with ease, ensuring consistency and saving valuable time.

  • User-Centric Rule Management: Rules can be managed in a spreadsheet, making it simple to add, modify, or remove them as needed.

Your Tool for Enhanced Documentation Quality:

The Mad Quality Plugin is a valuable asset for anyone looking to streamline and enhance the quality of their technical documentation in MadCap Flare. It's designed to save time, reduce the need for extensive manual reviews, and maintain high standards in technical writing.

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