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MadBot Plugin


This plugin is currently in closed beta-testing. If you are interested in participating in the beta program, please contact us.

The MadBot Plugin is a sophisticated tool tailored for technical communicators working with MadCap Flare. This plugin harnesses the capabilities of AI to automate and enhance the documentation process by integrating seamlessly with various APIs, such as GitHub, Agility, SharePoint, and Jira. This integration enables users to automatically pull relevant information directly into their documentation workflows, significantly reducing the research time required.

The MadBot Plugin excels in generating content from multiple sources including APIs, local documents, and adherence to specific style guides. It facilitates not only the creation of new content but also the reworking of existing documentation to incorporate updates and new features seamlessly. Additionally, the plugin leverages AI to handle documentation reviews across multiple formats, ensuring consistency and quality.

By automating these critical aspects of the documentation process, the MadBot Plugin empowers technical writers to focus more on delivering high-quality content and less on the manual, time-consuming tasks, thereby streamlining productivity and enhancing the overall efficiency of technical communication projects.