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Sharing rules using OneDrive

To share rules with your team using OneDrive:

  1. Add the rule file in the c:\users\...\Documents\Mad Quality Plugin II folder to OneDrive.
  2. Share the folder with your team members

Each team member then needs to :

  1. Install and sign into OneDrive on their computer so that it syncs locally on their computer. This creates the local folder on their machine that they can use as a link.
  2. Open the folder on OneDrive in their web browser.
  3. Select, “Add shortcut to OneDrive” to sync the rules folder to their computer
  4. In Flare, open the Mad Quality Plugin II tab and then click Add Rules from a link and enter the local path to the rule file, for example: c:\Users\ExampleUser\OneDrive\MadQualityRules\Rules.xlsx
  5. Select OK.