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How do I delete a rule set?

  1. Close Flare
  2. Go to C:\Users\{YOUR USER NAME}\Documents\Mad Quality Plugin II
  3. Delete or move the corresponding .xlsx file from the folder
  4. Restart Flare.

What does the "|" symbol mean in the result window?

This means "or". (And the symbol is pronounced "pipe".)

What about snippets in my topics?

They're fine: The plugin checks all snippets, too. However, it will miss some structural elements. For example, the plugin will flag a missing heading or a missing concept tag if these elements are not in the topic, but in the snippet. You can easily detect these false positives in the result window and ignore them.

What about conditions in my topic?

They're fine: When you verify a topic that contains conditions, some results about topic structure can be false positives because the plugin currently doesn't distinguish between different conditions.

What about Tracked Changes in my topic?

Proceed with care: Before verifying a topic, ensure your topic does not contain tracked changes. Nothing bad happens, but you will not get meaningful results for the parts in the topic code where tracked changes are present.

How can I exclude elements based on the applied condition? To for example ignore paragraphs with a condition, use this context: p:not([condition*='Default.Mobile']), where you replace Default.Mobile with the condition you'd like to exclude.

Can I exclude a file from processing? Yes. To exclude a file from processing you create a new text file in the same folder as your topic file and name the file .mqignore. The content of the file should be a single line of text matching the name of the topic or snippet to exclude from processing, for example:

My topic.htm