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Mad Quality Plugin II

With the Mad Quality Plugin II you can automatically validate the quality of your topics in Flare.

You can check for both structural problems,

  • such as <p><h1>Lorem ipsum</h1></p>,
  • and for language problems, such as the passive voice in The plugin is used for checking quality

The main things you can use it for are:

  1. Self-editing - making sure your content is as good as possible before publication, or handing it over to a human editor.
  2. Enforcing style guide compliance in a team of writers.

The plugin comes pre-loaded with a set of rules based on the Microsoft Manual of Style, the Google developer documentation style guide, as well as a collection of structural rules, and you can also set up your own rules.

This project is neither maintained nor endorsed by Microsoft, or Google.

Setting up rules requires Microsoft Excel, or a software that can edit .xlsx files.