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Release Note

2.2.202024-02-21Fixed a bug related to Data Import, where if the file name field had a "/" - the imported file would only contain the part after the slash.
2.2.192023-12-11Fixed a bug related to Micro Content Import.
2.2.152023-09-26Improved memory management in the ALT texts feature.
2.2.142023-07-31Fixed bug in Tag Replacer. You can now validate XML in specific folders. Various bug fixes.
2.2.132023-06-21Support for multiple file extensions in the Fast File Search. New button to close all topics and snippets.
2.2.122023-06-14When accepting all changes in a project, non-significant line breaks would be removed. Now they are not.
2.2.112023-05-30Fixed a bug where the tabs would duplicate in Flare. The Markdown Plugin I is no longer supported. The Kaizen Script functions are no longer supported.
2.2.82023-05-08Installer updated for Flare 2023.
2.2.72023-02-15The Quick Word feature now uses .docx instead of .doc.
2.2.62022-11-11If the tag replacer comes across a topic without a body tag, it will now provide a better error message. Correction related to spaces in the accept/reject all changes.
2.2.52022-10-19Leading and trailing spaces are now properly handled when accepting/rejecting all changes in a project.
2.2.42022-08-18The "bookmark topic and create TOC" functions no longer ignore sup/sub tags.
2.2.32022-05-31The QuickWord/PDF/HTML doesn't support non-default output files or folders: added error message.
2.2.22022-02-26Fix to the problem that caused the Quick PDF/Word to sometimes fail in Flare 2021r3. Fix to the problem where condition export would not work in Flare 2021r3. Build a "Quick HTML" target for a CleanXHTML version of the topic you have open.
2.2.12021-12-13Updated the Kaizenscript functionality so that you can re-install a script without deleting the existing DLL file first.
2.2.02021-11-02Redesigned KaizenScript functionality for faster and easier deployment of custom add-ons. Bug fix related to the MadCap prefix in the tag replacer destination field.
2.1.42021-10-20Fixed a bug in the TO DO notes function affecting the Link Viewer. Removed the old Kaizen Script functionality. PDFs created by the Quick PDF feature now get a unique name. The condition tag export now supports condition tags with special characters.
2.1.32021-08-03The fast file search normal search is now case insensitive.
2.1.22021-07-23Bug fixes.
2.1.12021-07-09Fixed bugs related to replacing empty tags and target condition use export.
2.1.02021-05-11Optimized the release flow.
2.0.7800.280982021-05-11The installer now has silent mode enabled.
2.0.7786.204382021-04-26Corrected bug related to creating a TOC and bookmarking the topic, and a bug that would sometimes remove text when all changes were accepted.
2.02021-04-09Added button to open a random topic or snippet.
2.0.7746.142082021-03-17Clarified MD1 vs MD2 icons.
2.0.7745.391862021-03-16Updated help call URL.
2.0.7738.173092021-03-09Fixed a bug that causes the topic creator functionality to crash in some cases. Added small icons to buttons.
2.0.7735.360612021-03-06New color icons that work better for dark mode.
2.0.7713.204782021-02-12Various changes for the release of the separate docs for Markdown II.
2.0.7657.237422020-12-18Corrected a bug when accepting all tracked changes in a project.
2.0.7653.214402020-12-14Various bug fixes for the Markdown plugin. Fixes for the Sort TOC function and the Fast File Search function. The Validate XML function now supports all types of Flare files.
2.0.7592.231952020-10-14Bug fixes and added config file to support differences in table import settings.
2.0.7577.239942020-09-29Bug fixes related to the Markdown plugin license key.
2.0.7565.334112020-09-17Bug fixes related to Markdown table import and the Apply Links to TOC function.
1.0.7433.191852020-05-18Bug fixes related to To Do notes form buttons and Markdown table import.
1.0.7433.187562020-05-08Bug fixes for Advanced Tag Replacer, Markdown export, and Tag replacer.
1.02020-05-06Advanced Tag Replacer. Installation helper for KaizenScripts. Feature to convert Excel sheets to HTML tables. Google Calendar or Outlook reminders for topic review. Updated installer for Flare 2020. Bug fixes.
1.02020-03-07Micro content import from Excel. Bug fixes.
1.0.7202.235312019-09-20Bug fixes in relation to the updated Markdown plugin.
1.02019-09-06Faster Tag Replacer. GUI changes. Batch setting for alt image texts. Statistics feature.
1.02019-07-31Updates to the Markdown plugin. Bug fixes.
1.02019-05-31Updated link to online help. Internal improvements to the Quick PDF functionality.
1.02019-04-18Updated Accept/Reject all changes-functionality.