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Custom Flare Plugins

Transform Your MadCap Flare Experience with Our Custom Plugins

Elevate your MadCap Flare capabilities with our expertly developed custom plugins. With over 10 years of experience in plugin creation, we specialize in extending Flare's functionality to meet your unique needs, particularly in handling large-scale data integration and automation.

Our custom plugins are designed to significantly enhance Flare's capabilities, focusing on areas like importing, transforming, and exporting data seamlessly to and from various systems. We understand the challenges of managing staggering amounts of data and ensure our solutions automate these processes effectively.

Here are a few examples of how our plugins have revolutionized our clients' workflows:

  • Automated import of massive tariff data into specific Flare formats.
  • Efficient conversion of markdown files for Flare compatibility.
  • Specialized support for importing and maintaining Peer-Reviewed, Modular Critical Editions of Medieval Hebrew Texts.
  • Integration of build server tasks directly within Flare's interface.
  • Seamless importing of release notes from Jira.
  • Advanced management of translations in large-scale Flare projects, integrating with tools like Catalyst and XTM.

The outcome? Processes that previously took days are now accomplished with a single click and a short 5-minute wait. This dramatic reduction in manual effort and time, combined with our precise automation, has consistently provided our clients with unparalleled efficiency and accuracy.

Choose our custom plugins for MadCap Flare and experience a level of efficiency and customization that transforms how you work with Flare.

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