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Flare Content Migration

Efficient Content Migration to MadCap Flare

Are you looking to transition your extensive content to MadCap Flare with ease and efficiency? Our service specializes in fast, cost-effective content migration, tailored for technical writers and their managers. We're experts in conversion from various formats, including Markdown, Pdf, InDesign, Word, and RoboHelp, to Flare. Our service is designed to minimize downtime and reduce costs, ensuring a seamless transition to Flare.

At the heart of our approach is Kaizen Commander, our proprietary tool that revolutionizes the migration process. Unlike traditional methods, Kaizen Commander's scripted migration dramatically cuts down time and reduces the risk of error. This approach allows for quick adjustments and re-runs, ensuring flexibility and precision.

Our effectiveness is best illustrated by a recent project involving a manufacturing manual migration from InDesign. We managed to import over 2000 pages, averaging just 15 minutes per page - significantly faster than the typical 45 minutes to an hour per page quoted by competitors. For simpler formats like Word, the time required is even lower, highlighting our adaptability across various content types.

Moreover, our service extends beyond the initial migration. We provide continuous support, optimizing future migrations by reusing and refining existing scripts and configurations. This not only saves time but also further reduces costs.

Choose us for your MadCap Flare content migration needs and experience a service that stands unparalleled in terms of efficiency and effectiveness.

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