We help you be more efficient with MadCap Flare. We want to help you focus on the work that matters and automate the rest.

A lot of your precious time (and money) is wasted on administrative work. You're moving files around, setting up TOCs, configuring targets, updating CSS files, and creating snippets.

What if you could automate the manual tasks you suffer through today, and let the computer do the boring chores so that you can do what you do best - create real content for real humans.

We want to help you automate your work to remove the struggle and hopefully make you just a little bit happier!


Automating Processes

By automating your content processes with MadCap Flare, you can save 1000's of hours of work. You can automate your builds, publishing processes, and even your quality assurance processes. Read more...

Import Legacy Content to MadCap Flare

Get your legacy content migrated to MadCap Flare fast and with high quality. Using our cleanup software - those messy Word files turn into clean Flare topics. Read more...

Technical Writing and API Documentation

Do you need high quality technical information for your product or service? With proven methods we craft your content to be easy to use, easy to understand, easy to find, and easy to maintain. Read more...

The Kaizen Plugin

The Kaizen Plugin you doubles your productivity with MadCap Flare. The plugin is designed for techwriters who want to get ahead of the competition, or just keep up with today's fast pace. Each feature is crafted with you in mind - focusing on your needs and requirements for speed and quality. The plugin is completely free to use, and is developed continuously. To learn more, see www.kaizenplugin.com.

Automating Processes

By automating your processes, you save countless hours of work and frustration. Focus on what you are good at - creating content. Don't waste your time running builds or managing files.

Automate Flare Builds and Publishing

How many hours do you spend building and publishing Flare target? Set up daily builds and publish content in an agile way. We can show you how.

Automate QA

Make sure you deliver consistent quality: check your topics for inconsistencies, broken links and other problems.

Automate Contributions

Do you spend a lot of time incorporating SME contributions? We can help you make it less frustrating.

Import Legacy Content to MadCap Flare

Don't let your legacy content go to waste. Let us import it to Flare for you. After hundreds of successful imports - we know how to do it fast and with high quality.

Microsoft Word

Word documents are messy. We import and clean them for you - delivering crisp and structured Flare projects.

Adobe PDF

Is you content locked in a PDF? Don't worry. We'll take care of it for you.


Do you have a ton of material in MarkDown? No problem - we'll convert it for you.

Databases (SQL)

Are you sitting on a goldmine of content in your company database? We can extract it for you.

Comma Separated Data (CSV)

Turn your CSV data into useful topics. We'll help you!


Is it time to turn that "spreadsheet of Doom" into something useful? We can help.

Technical Writing and API Documentation

Our job is to make your content easy to use, easy to understand, easy to find, easy to create, and easy to maintain. These tools and techniques make sure we deliver.

Topic Based Authoring

Topic based authoring makes writing more efficient without making users less effective. It encourages more focused, clearer writing, and enables content reuse.

Separation of Content from Layout

Keeping content separate from layout ensures readability and simplification by reducing duplication.

Automated Publishing

You should focus on what you do best - developing quality technical information. Let the computers worry about building and publishing your content .

Automated QA and Validation

All you content is processed to perfection using text quality software.

Version Control

To keep your content safe, we use version control.

Translation and Localisation

Translation and localisation is expensive. With single sourcing, and automation - we make it cheaper.


Your custom software is developed using C#, VB, Python, JavaScript, JQuery, HTML5, CSS3, and PHP.

SME Contributions

Everyone in your organisation must be able to contribute in a meaningful way. We make that happen.

Single Sourcing

With single source publishing - you can reuse the same content in different output. Content is edited once. Errors are corrected once.

Mattias Sander

I'm an industrial engineer with 10 years experience of creating technical documentation that is easy to find, easy to understand, and easy to use. I want to help you make sure that your content is also easy to create and maintain.


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