Mad Quality Plugin

Technical documentation has an important role in the customer journey - educating new users, helping experienced users, and helping customers decide whether to buy your product or service.

It can be challenging to

  • maintain consistency in all topics
  • impose a structure and styling rules
  • avoid known issues in the output

A solution is to

  • prevent issues by defining rules
  • detect the issues as early as possible

The Mad Quality Plugin helps you implement the solution. The plugin is based on the Schematron standard, which is a rule-based validation language for making assertions about the presence or absence of patterns in XML trees. It is a structural schema language expressed in XML using a small number of elements and XPath.

You can use the Mad Quality plugin e.g. for business validation, quality control/assurance, house-style-rules checking.

Say farewell to your style guide binder and information model spreadsheet. The Mad Quality Plugin makes it easy for you to create consistent content your customers will love.

NOTE: If you have already signed up, and need to re-download the plugin - please e-mail me at

Learn more about the plugin in the documentation:


Feature What can I use it for? Show me an example!
Validate a topic against a Schematron rule file.
  • Validate style guide compliance
  • Validate information model compliance
  • Validate writing quality, e.g.
    • Finding passive voice
    • Finding lexical illusions
    • etc
Validate all topics in a TOC against a Schematron rule file (Premium feature)

Rule files that come with the plugin

Rule file

What can I use it for?

Show me an example!


  • Check readability.
  • Find duplicate words.
  • Find weasel words.
  • Find sentences that start with "So", or "There are/is".
  • Find paragraphs where an uncomparable is compared.
  • Find paragraphs with words that have simpler alternatives.
  • Find paragraphs with passive voice.
  • Find paragraphs with clichés.
  • Find headings with subordinate clauses.
  • Find headings with more than 7 words.
  • Find lists with inconsistent punctuation.










US English.xml

Find American English spelling.


UK English.xml

Find UK English spelling.


  • Finds topics with a missing <h1> element.
  • Find empty lists.
  • Find empty paragraphs.
  • Find topics with the <title> set.
  • Find divs without a class attribute.
  • Find elements with local styling.
  • Find hard-coded formatting (<b>,<i>,<u>)
  • Find lists with too many paragraphs.
  • Find lists with only one list item.
  • Find headings with index keywords.
  • Find consecutive lists that can be merged.

Information model.xml

  • Make sure the topics has a heading 1
  • Make sure a task topic has at least one numbered list

The idea is that you copy this file and set up your own information model - creating assertions for each topic type (task, concept, reference).

Company style guide.xml

  • Verify that the topic has at least one index term.

The idea is that you copy this file and set up your own style guide.



To be able to validate entire TOCs instead of single topics, you can buy a license here: 736 77 28 27