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Download the Kaizen Plugin to automate tasks in MadCap Flare and save hours each week.

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"Kaizen" is a Japanese word that captures the concept of continuously making small improvements. It's from the world of Lean manufacturing, but applies to individuals, too. Every day - you work to refine your skills and learn new tools to make your work better.



What can I use it for?

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MarkDown Import

By importing MarkDown files to Flare you can let your SMEs contribute in a format that is platform-independent, intuitive, easy to learn, human-readable, and uses plain text while providing basic formatting. Supports both tables and LaTeX equations.

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Tag Replacer

With the Tag Replacer you can replace tags and attributes in all topics and snippets in your project, or even across multiple projects.

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Topic Splitter

With the Topic Splitter, you can work in a single Flare topic so that you don’t have to decide up-front what structure your project should have. You can let it develop in an organic, agile way. When you have nailed down the structure, just click Split by H1-H2, and all the topics and even the TOC is created for you.

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Data Import

With the Data Import tools you can create topics, snippets, or other XML files from different data sources. This lets you maintain data in, for example, Excel, and then create the topics using a template file.

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Glossary Farmer

Presents you with a list of potential glossary candidates from your current project to help you get up and running fast.


Word Cloud Generator

Click a button to create a Word Cloud from the most used words in your project, or from any folder.

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To Do Notes

Quickly add To-Dos using annotations. Gives you a complete overview of tasks in your project.

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Import a Glossary from Excel

Import a glossary from Excel. This lets you collaborate using Excel.

Bookmark Headings and Create a TOC

This creates a bookmark for each heading, and creates a TOC that links to those headings.


Apply links to TOC

This changes the title of all TOC entries in a TOC to the [[[Missing Linked File System.LinkedTitle]]] variable.



FlareScript lets you run scripts and batch files from the Flare interface. For more information, and instructions - e-mail me at mattias.sander@improvementsoft.com.


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Kaizen Plugin Webinar

Here's a webinar about the Kaizen Plugin, hosted by MadCap:


Here's a testimonial from Marc Faure at Neoledge:

Release notes

Date What's new? 
  • Releasing updated Accept/Reject all changes-functionality.
  • Rolling back the "Accept/Reject" all changes functionality because of a bug. A fix will be released shortly.
  • Validate XML. Scan your project from broken XHTML files before a build to ensure everything is in order.
  • Bug fixes in relation to Data Import.
  • Get an Excel document with the variables for each target.
  • Remove local styling in your entire project, not just individual topics.
  • The previously crowded tab is now split into four separate tabs.
  • Fast File Search: Find files based on file names or file content using REGEX. Blazing fast.

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