Kaizen Plugin

Download the free Kaizen Plugin to automate tasks in MadCap Flare and save hours each week. Kaizen is a Japanese word that captures the concept of continuously making small improvements. It's from the world of Lean manufacturing, but applies to individuals, too. Every day - you work to refine your skills and learn new tools to make your work better.

Cleanup features

  • Replace specific tags in a topic or the entire project.
  • Remove local styling from a topic or project with a single click
  • Validate the XML of all topics and snippets in your project to avoid build errors
  • Set consistent alt texts for images across topic and snippets
  • Export data for variable and conditions
  • See statistics for your project
  • Accept or reject all changes in your project with a single click
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Import features

  • Import micro content from Excel
  • Convert a Markdown file to a Flare topic. For more advanced use - see the Markdown plugin.
  • Import a glossary from Excel
  • Create topics or snippets based on data from Excel or a CSV file.
  • Convert an Excel document to a table
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Productivity features

  • Manage your To Do's using Flare annotations with the "TODO:" prefix
  • Add reminders to review a topic to Google Calendar or Outlook
  • Quickly generate a PDF from the current topic
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Other features

  • Quickly copy the path of a topic to your clipboard
  • Search for files (super fast)
  • Split a topic into multiple topics based on the heading levels
  • Create a TOC from a single topic based on the heading levels
  • Apply the [%System.Linkedtitle%] variable to all entries in a TOC 
  • Sort a TOC alphabetically
  • Create a word cloud from the project, or a folder in the project
  • Automatically farm glossary terms from your project
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Install a custom Kaizen Script

With the Kaizen Script installer feature - you can easily install the custom scripts you've purchased from us. For more information about custom Kaizen Scripts - contact me at mattias@improvementsoft.com.

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